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Music for all musicians and people who enjoy music:
Professional, amateur, students, 'would-be' students, anybody.
The information in these pages has been gleaned from over 35 years of professional music-making in the U.K. and the U.S.

Visit from His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales, when he thanked Alison for her work with Welsh music in California.
Prince of Wales

If you would like to learn how to read music and basic music theory for free, or start to learn to play the piano or keyboard,
go to minute a day music.

If you need music transcribed, arranged, copied or engraved,
go to
music transcriptions.

Orchestral instruments includes information on the harp

If you want to buy or sell an instrument,
go to instruments for sale.

If you want to discover Welsh music,
go to Celtic music.

To discover the music inspired by bird song,
go to music of birds.

For videos and photos of animals and birds and their sounds, go to
Bird photos and videos or
Animal photos and videos.

Read The Charm of Birds by Viscount Grey of Falloden.
Adapted By Alison Pryce.

Links to other music sites.
Instruments, musical games and much more.

Questions? Email Alison at [email protected]

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March 1
Music history births and deaths of important musicians February

February 15
Peccary or Javelina
in Texas

February 1
Music History births and deaths of important musicians January

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Internet scam warnings

January 16
Yamaha Piano for sale

January 1 2008
Music History births and deaths of important musicians December

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Funny animal videos

September 30
Deer for breakfast

September 5
Spider at breakfast

July 3
Deer in house

July 2
Grasshopper communication

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United Airlines Lost Baggage
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London Sights and Sounds

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