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The American Bison is commonly referred to as buffalo in American Western culture. Bison is a taxonomic genus containing six species of large even-toed ungulates within the subfamily Bovinae.

These videos and photos were taken near Lake LBJ in Central Texas, November 27 2006.

The American and European Bison are the largest terrestrial mammals in North America and Europe. Like their cattle relatives, Bison are nomadic grazers and travel in herds, except for the non-dominant bulls, which travel alone or in small groups during most of the year. American bison are known for living in the Great Plains. Both species were hunted close to extinction by "White Hunters" during the 19th and 20th centuries but have since rebounded, although the European Bison is still endangered.

Unlike the Asian Water Buffalo, the Bison has never really been domesticated, although it does appear on farms occasionally. It is raised now mostly on large ranches in the United States and Canada for meat.

They live to be about 20 years old and are born without their trademark "hump" or horns, which both sexes have. After shedding their light faun-colored hair, and with the development of their horns, they become mature at 2 to 3 years of age, although the males continue to grow slowly to about age seven.

Buffalo in Texas

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