Hummingbird 2007

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Hummingbirds are back in Llano county, Texas. March 15 2007.

Hummingbirds are attracted to many flowering plants especially those with red flowers.

I had just put a bougainvillea on the deck, which apparently attracted him. Hummingbirds  feed on the nectar of these plants and are important pollinators, especially of deep-throated flowers. Most species of hummingbird also take insects, especially when feeding young.

This video was filmed on March 15 2007 in Llano County, Central Texas.
For high speed connections, here's a file that plays on Windows Media Player in 640 x 480 size.

(See further down page for smaller file for those without high speed connection.)

Click on the picture to start the video.
 If you listen closely, you can hear his wings.

click to start video

hummingbird March 2007
Photo of hummingbird March 15 2007

Here is a smaller video file for those on dial-up connection. Click on the picture to start the video.

click to start video


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