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Musical instruments for sale or musical instruments to buy. FREE ADS!

Sell or buy anywhere in the world. Your free classified ad includes editing, spelling correction, advice and picture processing. A free webpage just for your instrument is included.
Violins, violas, cellos, basses, guitars, woodwind, brass.
Ads are free!

Type this information into the body of your email. Do NOT attach a file with the information in it.

Maker (if known), country of origin.
Year of manufacture and/or age of instrument.
Location of instrument.
Asking price (price increases not allowed)
Your name and phone number

Optional Information

Attach your pictures to your email in jpg format ONLY. No other formats will be opened.
Width at least 360 pixels, 640 is preferable but larger is fine.
Attach or insert into email.
Do not send a link to another site where the pictures are.
Attach photos to email.

To place your ad on music 4 musicians
Contact Alison

I will make your pictures fit the ad and reduce the file size so they will display fast.
I may crop the picture and adjust the lighting and contrast.

If you want to sell your musical instrument, I want to help you get a fair price for it.
If you want to buy a musical instrument, I don't want you to pay too much.

Ads are free.

Questions? Contact Alison Pryce


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