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Stage 1  
Staff, stave, treble clef, notes on the stave, bass clef, notes on the stave,
scale of C, treble clef and bass clef, measure, bar line, beats, 4/4 time signature, quarter notes, rests.

Stage 2
Eighth notes, half notes, whole notes, sixteenth notes, half note rest, sixteenth note rest, eighth note rests, dotted notes, sharps, flats, naturals.

Stage 3
3/4 time signature, 2/4 time, key signatures, scale of G major, scale of D major, scale of F major, scales in the bass clef, construction of major scales.

Stage 4 
Triads on C, triads on G, triads on D, revision of Stages 1 - 4.

Stage 5
Time signatures of 2/2, 3/2, 4/2, 3/8, groupings of notes in different time signatures, rhythmic structure, grouping of rests, ledger lines in treble clef, ledger lines in bass clef.

Stage 6
Minor scales, relative minor, relative major, melodic minor, harmonic minor,
A minor, construction of minor scales, E minor, D minor.

Stage 7
Tonic triad of A minor, triad of E minor, triad of D minor.
Triplets, Eighth note triplets, quarter note triplets, sixteenth note triplets, triplets with rests, Musical (Italian) terms for speed and strength of tone.

This site is for US music terms.

If you want to learn European (UK) music terms, then go to:



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