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A signature spider waits for his breakfast.
When a grasshopper is caught in his web, he acts quickly, wraps it up and eats at his leisure.

The Signature Spider weaves a web marked with zig-zag bands of white silk. The spider holds its legs together in pairs, making it look like a creature with four legs instead of eight.

Tarantulas, jumping spiders and wolf spiders scare people who mistakenly believe they are seriously poisonous. Their bite is typically less harmful than a bee sting. However, the brown recluse spider, can be venomous. It can be found in garages, and cellars. Another mildly venomous spider is the black widow, which lives across the entire United States. Other widow species found in Texas are the western black widow, northern black widow, and the brown widow. Widow spiders are found in protected cavities outdoors. Around houses, they may live in garages, cellars, furniture, shrubbery, rain spouts and other undisturbed places.

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