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Birds in Llano County, Texas.
Bald Eagle of Llano

Hummingbird March 2007
Blue Heron    Heron on Lake LBJ   
Heron on Inks Lake
Osprey    Wild turkey    Egyptian Goose
Brewers Blackbirds    Egret    Pelicans

Cardinal mating call

Pelicans on South Padre Island, Texas
Great blue heron eats a snake  

Birds in Austin Texas
Painted Bunting #1    Painted Bunting #2   
Painted Bunting #3    Hummingbird #1   
Hummingbird #2     Hummingbird #3   
Ruby Throated Hummingbird   


Birds in England and Wales
Robin singing in Wales    Swans at Windsor

Animal photos and videos
Raccoons, squirrels, sheep, buffalo,
many pages on deer behaviour and habits.

Music inspired by bird song

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